Creative Integration

OMC Group assists companies from startups to F100’s by designing, developing and deploying sustainable solutions through innovation and collaboration with measurable results. With experience from the shop floor to the board room we can navigate through your most critical challenges. Our recent clients range from entertainment to aerospace. Experts at delivering risk mitigated innovation aligned with culture and driven by operational excellence for global competitive advantage and growth. For a free consultation call...

Starting a Business

We provide you with the expertise through execution, from concept to cash.
"The depth and breadth of their talent, creativity, business insight and communication expertise is in truth; staggering" - Mark Libel, President & COO, Applied Astronautics Corp.

Growing a Business

We assist you through the entire process of getting from your current state to your desired future state.
"Go anywhere you need to, to get the job done" - Herb Kelleher, Chairman Southwest Airlines

Saving a Business

We are at the end of the Industrial Age, the end of an era, the old economic models are failing, they do not work anymore and we can help reposition your company correctly in the beginning of the new era profitability.
"I get it, this has many powerful applications" - Glen Steiger, General Manager, MMWEC